“I am a DWI attorney from Brownsville who is dedicated to serving the legal needs of my south Texas neighbors. I know how tough it is to grown up in the area and I understand the challenges, frustrations, and struggles the area’s residents go through regularly. If you’ve been arrested for DWI, you are headed for even more struggles – this time with life-changing consequences. A criminal record is a lifetime record that affects your future in many ways ranging from trust and credibility issues to financial obstacles such as skyrocketing auto insurance costs and finding a job. Plus, you may have to serve real time in a real prison! Because of the serious consequences and stiff penalties of DWI, you absolutely need legal representation. It is not my job to judge you for your actions; it is my job to defend your case.”

DWI Attorney Qualifications:
Bachelor’s Degree (government): University of Texas at Brownsville
Law Degree: University of Texas at Austin School of Law
Texas BAR Card: 24051041

Based in Brownsville, Texas, our law offices are convenient. All DWI cases are handled by an experienced DWI attorney who has long-established roots in the area. We cannot promise that your DWI case will be dismissed or reduced because all cases and circumstances are different, but we can promise that we will work diligently and with a purpose. We will apply our knowledge of Texas DWI laws and employ appropriate legal strategies to win your case.