If you’ve been arrested for DWI, the sooner you contact a DWI attorney the better. In Brownsville alone, approximately 500 DWI arrests are made each year. Each arrest has life-altering consequences and even first time offenders are subject to harsh penalties. And, time is of essence because 15 days from arrest, your license will be suspended which will cost you potentially thousands of dollars in “surcharges” each year for the next three years. These surcharges are in addition to DWI jail time and fines.

We offer a free consultation to discuss your case. Call us today to arrange for this free consultation. We are confident in our record and our ability to defend you against these charges. Our contact information is:

DWI Brownsville Attorney

Whether you’re the one who has been arrested for a DWI or are calling on behalf of a loved one, we can help. We understand Texas DWI law as well as the strategies that can lead to reduced charges, DWI dismissals and acquittals, and reduced penalties. Let us put our legal expertise to work for you.

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